Illusion or reality? The short delusion is about a girl, who gets lost in the deep parts of the forest. On her way she experiences joy, anxiety but also hope. The impressive nature as well as fascinating magical creatures show her what it feels like to be free..

Since the fourth semester of our bachelor studies Lisa Gierlinger and I were working on a 2d animation called delusion. Lisa did the great design, animation and vfx. I was responsible for the music, sound design as well as vfx. My goal was to support the story with appropriate atmosphere. The short was screened at multiple festivals around the world. Furthermore we won the Creativity Award at Fly Film Festival, Oklahoma (USA).

Customer: Bachelor’s Project | University of Applied Sciences, Hagenberg
Team: Lisa Gierlinger, Victoria Wolfersberger
Skills: Sound Design, Music, Visual Effects
Category: 2D Animation, Short, Narrative
Released: December 2016

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