As Elmar Glaubauf and I already did the Expanded Animation Trailer for the symposium in 2017, we were asked again to realize another 3d short. It will be also used as ARS Electronica Animation Festival Trailer.

The 7th Expanded Animation symposium carries on a process launched in 2013 – mapping the wide-ranging domain of animated worlds of imagery beyond the realms of well-trodden paths. The symposium stays the course as originally set at its inception, and presents theoretical positions and perspectives from the art world, the R&D field and the industrial sector. The mission: To function as a driving force advancing an interdisciplinary discourse.

Customer: ARS Electronica, University of Applied Sciences, Hagenberg
Team: Elmar Glaubauf, Victoria Wolfersberger
Skills: Concept, Sound Design, Lighting, Camera, Post Production
Category: 3D Animation, Trailer
Released: August 2019

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